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PSD Progress

Enhance player development

Boost the development of your players with fact-based preparation and reporting for every training session and game.

Key features


Coaches can create exercises and training sessions in the Exercises database, this allows them to share their exercises and inspire other coaches.

Training & Game Reporting

Prepare training activities, determine exercise load and submit game evaluations after each game. It allows you to have a better overview of all the information, the available players, the line-up, the substitutions, the highlights of a game, …

Player & staff evaluations

Create evaluations using qualitative and quantitative variables. Share evaluations with other staff members. Compare player evaluations over time or with other players.


Have an overview of the most important statistics of your teams thanks to the information from training and game reports.

Online payments

Send out member fee invoices, collect online payments and automatically follow-up defaulters.

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