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AFC Ajax

Thijs Kracht

PSD supports our youth academy in tracking the biggest football talents

Amsterdam - Thijs Kracht is Head of Planning & Coordination at De Toekomst, the van de Toekomst, the world-famous youth academy that has created football icons like Cruijff, Bergkamp and Kluivert.

How did reporting and exchange of information happen between staff members in the past?
For years our trainers and staff members have been working with different administrative tools like Excel, Microsoft Teams and other forms of shared documents like Dropbox and Google Drive.

How important is the factor ‘digitalization’ within your club?
From a support perspective (administration, HR, marketing, finance,...) this is a key factor. From a football perspective digitalization can create additional insights for staff members, but it is not key.

Ajax is always searching for young talent. How does PSD support you in this mission?
PSD supports our youth academy in tracking the biggest football talents. Internally it is being used to follow up the progress of an Ajax player. Externally it is used to compare the football skills of an external player with an Ajax player.

In what way is PSD being used to take sporting decisions?
PSD is used very intensively for the scouting of external players. For internal players it is less important.

Which PSD functionality do you use most often?
I mainly work with the planning & administration modules. In addition, the narrowcasting functionality is often used to display all relevant information on the various digital screens at De Toekomst.


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