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FC Metz

Sebastien Muet

The ProSoccerData team is very professional and is always stand-by

Metz - Sebastien Muet is a real FC Metz connoisseur: Started 22 years ago as U7 coach at the club, he is today the technical director of the FC Metz youth Academy. As a believer of the Coerver method, he also stresses the importance of training the cognitive skills of a player in today’s modern football.

How did reporting and exchange of information happen between staff members in the past?
A few months ago all trainers were using their own tools to follow-up a player: a notebook, excel files, paper board,...It was very difficult for us to centralize all key information about our youth players and get to the right conclusion.

How important is the factor ‘digitalization’ within your club?
Developing youth players has become more and more thoroughly. All performance indicators can be decisive factors for our staff members. They need to be able to report the relevant information in a short period of time. ProSoccerData helps us to limit the reporting mistakes and to focus on the field.

Your club is always searching for young talent. How does PSD support you in this mission?
The ProSoccerData team is very professional and is always stand-by. They react in time and support us in developing the platform according to our needs.

Which PSD functionality do you use most often?
The platform is very complete. All information is useful in the development of our young players. The tab training and games are used daily but I must admit that the video module is taking up some of my evenings.

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