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Case study: How to successfully implement PSD? (Olsa Brakel)

During the preparation, it is the task of the academy manager and the club administrator to make the platform ready to use: all the club administration is uploaded and everything is tested extensively before sending out invitations....

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Excelsior Mouscron

Philippe Brutsaert - The key to successfully implement PSD is to go step by step instead of using everything at once...

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Bob Magotteaux - We work closely with schools to optimize the combination of sports and education....

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RCS Onhaye

Lionel Brouwaeys - We don’t recruit players but we try to convince them through our unique methodology during our yearly Open Day....

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Martin Tornyai - I strongly believe that we should maximise the potential of each single player both as an athlete as well as a human being....

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KV Oostende

Nils Vanneste - Other clubs talked about PSD as 'the heart of our academy'. In a way that's true: without PSD, it would all be a lot harder....

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FC Tilleur

Serge Sarlette - Thanks to PSD there is no one in the club who could say to me: I was not informed about it....

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FC Emmen

Christiaan Hindriks - It is important that each player walks his own path. There is no single integrated approach that works for everyone....

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RAAL La Louvière

Jonathan Lebrun - Our ambition is to be one of the best training centres in Belgium...

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Calgary Foothills FC

Jonathan Wheeldon - What we want to do is centralize all data.Thanks to PSD we now get measurables to see if we are actually improving our players. ...

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KHO Heide Hasselt

Kris Vrancken & Wim Rubens - Since this year, our youth has been playing without referees. That worked out quite well to our own surprise....

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K OLSA Brakel

Kjell Vande Walle - We ask our coaches to have a growth mindset in the sense of: we must develop players to a next level, they must want to improve themselves....

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Renofa Yamaguchi FC

Masaru Sumida - I believe we can discover something new with the help of PSD....

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KV Kortrijk

Jelle Schelstraete - Through PSD, we can collect player data and compare them with different benchmarks....

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Gamba Osaka academy

Shinya Tsubokura - There is a lot we can learn from these extraordinary times. So lets take the positives learnings out of this and apply them to the future....

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Belgian FA

Chris Van Puyvelde - I mainly use PSD to see what is happening in the organisation and what my people are working on...

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AFC Ajax

Thijs Kracht - PSD supports our youth academy in tracking the biggest football talents...

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RSC Anderlecht

Jean Kindermans - With PSD, you can always rely on this platform and build up a club history...

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FC Metz

Sebastien Muet - The ProSoccerData team is very professional and is always stand-by...

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Romanian FA partners with PSD to follow up international players

The Romanian FA recently signed a 3-year partnership with Belgian company ProSoccerData (PSD), a pla...

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ProSoccerData acquires SoccerOnline

ProSoccerData (PSD) announces with pride the acquisition of the Belgian company SoccerOnline. With a...

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Belgium U21: A new golden generation on its way?

11 years after the current ‘Golden’ generation, the U21 Belgium squad is on its way to qualify for the 2020 Olympic soccer tournament....

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At these clubs you are most likely to become a professional football player

With 77 trained players in Europe, Ajax clearly stayed loyal to their training philosophy...

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Diegem Sport

Kristel T. - ProSoccerData optimiert die Kommunikation & Tätigkeiten in unserem Verein, sowohl Sportlich und Administrativ....

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SC Eendracht Aalst

Guy De Smet - Alle nötigen Informationen über unsere Mitglieder sind jetzt verfügbar durch PSD...

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Seattle Sounders

Marc Nicholls - Ich denke das das ProSoccerData System von großem Nutzen sein würde für jede MLS Akademie...

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Royal Excelsior Virton

Samuel Petit - PSD generiert Effizienz und Zeitgewinn im ganzen Verein....

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Please find below the 9 most frequently asked questions. For all other questions, please contact your club administrator via the login portal of your PSD club platform (search your platform via the top right ‘Login’ button).
Where can I login on my PSD-account?

Go to www.prosoccerdata.com, click on the login button (top-right) and select your club.

I forgot my password / My password doesn't work

Go to your PSD login portal and click 'Forgot password' or contact your club admin.

I can login on the platform but not on my mobile app

Your password is the same for both devices. Go to your PSD club portal and contact your club admin.

My club uses PSD, how can I create an account?

Only the club can do this. Go to your PSD club portal and contact your club admin for an account invitation.

Where can I find the mobile app?

Go to the Google Play Store or Apple store and search for 'Prosoccerdata'.

Can I give other family members access to a player account?

Yes. Go to your PSD club portal and contact your club admin to create an extra account for player X

The administration about my son/daughter is wrong. Can I edit this?

No. Go to your PSD club portal and contact your club admin and ask to edit the information.

I can't receive any PSD mails in my private mailbox

Check your SPAM folder or go to your PSD club portal and contact your club admin to check if the right e-mail was registered

I'm a coach and I don't have access to certain information

Go to your PSD club portal and contact your club admin to ask if you have sufficient access rights

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