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Prosoccerdata is a digital management platform that helps soccer clubs & federations to run their internal processes more efficiently. Discover Prosoccerdata and start focusing on the game.
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ProSoccerData is the only collaborative soccer platform that gets the best
out of your team by helping you focus on what you do best.

Player Centric Approach

Accelerate your club by focusing on your most valuable asset, your players and their future potential.

Data insights for higher impact

By getting a birds eye view on your players and club, we share insights that lead to higher impact as even the tiniest detail counts.

Process centralization

By connecting everyone involved, you are building on top of each others’ expertise instead of working side by side.

  • ProSoccerData is the right barometer to know what is happening in my academy. It’s an evitable tool for me as an academy director allowing me to concentrate on the most important parts of my job. Making talents better

    Jean Kindermans - Academy director RSC Anderlecht
  • Through ProSoccerData I have never missed an insight. Every single detail is viewable everywhere and overtime.

    Jelle Schelstraete - Youth coordinator KV Kortrijk
  • By connecting the views of all staff members, we now truly work side by side.

    Orri Þórðarson - Coach FH Hafnarfjörður

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